For this project of " surrealist still life " I used the technique of Lightpainting, minimizing the use of photoshop used almost exclusively for small color corrections and contrast. With this ironic series of images I wish to surprise and bring a smile to the viewer
Octopus ( ‟polp‟ fiction ) Octopus
Scuba Diving Indoor Scuba Diving and Fishing
Hard Rock ‟ CAFFE' ‟ Hard Rock ‟Caffe'‟
DARWIN ? Was Darwin wrong ?
L'erede The Heir
Maturometro Maturation control gauge
Royal Wedding Royal wedding
Il sognatore The dreamer
Braveheart , cuore impavido Braveheart
Br(egg)xit Br(egg)xit
L' acchiappafarfalle For Butterflies Hunter
Pop Corn Machine Pop Corn Machine. Un modo creativo di utilizzare la Bialetti...
Bananasplit Banana Split
Deep in the sea Deep in the sea
Pop Corn machine 2 Pop Corn Machine no.2
Deep in the sea 2 Deep in the sea part2
Shower snake Shower Snake
Bentornato !! Welcome back !
Magic shoes Magic Shoes
Millechiodi Strong adhesive
Meglio dentro o meglio fuori ?
Lui , lei …..l'altro He , she and .......him
caffè energetico High energy coffee
watertricity Watertricity
Il fachiro The fakir
Pesce cipolla  The Onion Fish
patent pending Patent Pending
The rocket The Rocket
Mikado Mikado
curvy model Curvy Model
corn banana  Corn banana
lampada vegetale Vegetable lamp
O.G.M. 1.0 O G M 1.0
risparmio energetico Energy Saver
Modern mouse trap Modern Mouse Trap
Trapped Trapped
faulty mouse trap Faulty Mouse Trap
Ovo sapiens OVO Sapiens
salame vegetariano  Vegetarian salami
Per i cacciatori di sporco Tool for dirt  hunters
mezzogiorno di fuoco
Senza titolo Untitled
Lo schiaccianoci The nutcracker
strawberry shave  Strawberry Shave
Modella per un giorno Model for a day
Search and Destroy Search and Destroy
Tennis da tavola Tennis table
pocket coffee Pocket Coffee
Action ! Action !
canned melon
sport vitaminico Vitaminico Sport
Omaggio a Roberto Cifarelli