I was born in 1960 in Vigevano, the city where I actually live and work. Photography has always been my passion, second only to that for  Jazz music. Since 1980 I have gained experience in various areas of photography (still life, fashion, industrial photography, sports, weddings), then in 2004 my passion for jazz led me to photograph live concerts  in the Milan area. In 2004 I attended a photography course taught by jazz photographer Carlo Verri and by advice and those of Roberto Cifarelli I perfected the techniques in photography to show and further intensified my presence at Jazz, Rock and Pop concerts during which I was able to photograph important musicians of the international music scene .

I worked as a photographer affiliated to the Phocus Agency, agency of photographers of Culture and Entertainment. Some of my images are used by musicians for their personal web-sites, and published in magazines or CD covers. I then extended my intrest  to live show photography in general, including   theater, dance, comedy etc.
In past few  years I have equipped my photographic studio  and have further deepened
my experience in fashion photography and glamour photography  in  studio.
From 2013 I am part of the “Bizzarro Team “ (which I dedicate  a section of this web site). 

With the Bizzarro Team I realized numerous  shootings based on different mood and situations. 

Thanks to the Bizzarro Team   I made  experience in new situations and enhance my creativity, increasing my  experience,  thanks to the valuable cooperation and contribution of all members of the Team.